E g g a l i c i o u s  ♥
Feeling peckish for a tasty, genuine Egg-Spaetzle today?
Originally a poor mans dish, then Swabian-German national dish,
today a highly valued delicacy,
which is also served in first-class hotels. Get that cooker working

B e s t   Q u a l i t y

We use only NATURAL INGRE-
DIENTS and nothing else!

Additives falsify the true character
of the product and we want you
to enjoy the pure and natural
taste of our commendable pasta.
100% Durum Wheat Semolina
L i f e s t y l e

Dinner Time: PERFECT TIME to
Rebuild Family Togetherness

Making dinners together – a thing
of the past for many families.
Is this happening to you? Perhaps you need to think about what
you're really missing!


♥  O u r   H o m e   ♥

The Swabian Alb – treasure trove of:
natural recreation – untouched countryside, situated centrally in Europe, in the south of Germany, full of exciting legends, loveable people and the most
relaxing peace and quiet.